Up to 30% off Jacket and Coat Dry Cleaning.

Winter is coming….

Refresh the whole family’s jackets and coats with our special offers valid for orders collected in May only:

1 Jacket or Coat – 10% Off
2 Jackets or Coats in a single pick up – 20% Off Both
3+ Jackets or Coats in a single pick up – 30% Off All

Simply place your Jackets or Coats in your black dry-cleaning VIP Service Bag and leave at your regular collection point and we’ll do the rest. Your discount will automatically be applied for all your jackets and coats in that day’s collection. Valid for all collections in May 2019. Excludes Leather & Suede.

** Please Note: Thicker or quilted jackets or coats may take a little longer to air dry properly and will therefore may be a 7 day turnaround item.**