Up to 30% off Ski Wear and Re-Water Proofing.

Off skiing soon? – let us prepare your gear with a professional clean
and/or re-proofing, ensuring it’s best performance during your holiday.
Just got back? – let us expertly clean and re-proof your ski gear,
prolonging it’s life and ensuring it is ready to go when you are.

Special offers valid for orders collected in July only:
1 Ski Garment – 10% Off
2 Ski Garments in a single pick up – 20% Off Both
3+ Ski Garments in a single pick up – 30% Off All

Simply place your garments in your black dry cleaning VIP Service Bag
and leave at your regular collection point and we’ll do the rest.
Place a note in the pocket of your bag if you require re-water proofing.
Your discount will automatically be applied for all your ski garments
in that day’s collection.

Valid for all collections in July 2019.

** Please Note: Ski Wear are generally a 7 day turnaround item with
some quicker exceptions to the rule..**