Up to 30% off Doonas, Blankets and Bedspreads.
The cooler weather is on it’s way. Time to get your doonas out!
Whether laundering or dry cleaning – refresh the whole family’s doonas, blankets and bedspreads ready for winter with our special offers valid for April only:

1 Doona, Blanket or Bedspread – 10% Off
2 Doonas, Blankets or Bedspreads in a single pick-up – 20% Off Both
3+ Doonas, Blankets or Bedspreads in a single pick-up – 30% Off All

Simply place your additional doonas, blankets or bedspreads in a bag(s) at your regular collection point. Be sure that each bag has a note with your name, mobile number and service required (Wash & Fold or Dry Cleaning) and we’ll do the rest – your discount will automatically be applied for all of your doonas, blankets and bedspreads in that day’s collection. Valid for all collections in April.

** Please Note: Thicker doonas, blankets and bedspreads will take a little longer to air dry properly and will therefore be a 7 day turnaround item.**