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Disinfection Service

To combat COVID-19 we are currently including disinfection with all our services for no additional cost.

For all the items we receive from our customers we now ensure that we perform disinfection using at least one of the following methods: Dry Cleaning, Hot Water Laundering, Warm/Cold Water Laundering and Steam Pressing.

Here’s how the different processes disinfect:

Steam Pressing: The steam used on our presses and formers is set at 185 degrees, over 3 x the temperature the WHO states is required to kill viruses and bacteria. Items that would normally be hand ironed will be now be processed on a steam press or former, prior to being hand finished.

Hot Water Laundering: To achieve disinfection a minimum temperature/time of 65 degrees for 10 minutes or 71 degrees for 3 minutes must be maintained. In order to maintain this temperature for this time we use our more advanced commercial washers with programmable steam injection.

Warm/Cold Water Laundering: When washing at a low temperature, a commercial disinfectant is added in the washing process.

Dry Cleaning: For items that will not be pressed we have the option of using a partners Green Earth dry cleaning system whose higher temperature drying cycles exceed the temperature/time levels required to disinfect.

With COVID-19 being a novel (new) virus – it is not possible to 100% guarantee disinfection using the above or any other methods. However, the above methods are known to disinfect all other known viruses and bacteria and exceed WHO guidelines.

Should you require more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

How it Works


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Fill out the form and schedule your pickup for the next available pickup day.

We Deliver

We Collect

We collect your garments unattended, direct from your chosen location, using our VIP service bags.


We Clean

Our in-house experts clean your garments within 48 hours using sensitive & eco responsible detergents. Each item is quality assured prior to delivery.

We Deliver

We Deliver

Our automated item tracking provides full accountability of all your favourite garments. We text/email you on pickup & delivery.


  • Clean & Fresh

    Clean & Fresh

    Every order is guaranteed to be cleaned to your satisfaction or we will re-clean it free of charge – no exceptions.

  • Detailed Messaging

    Detailed Messaging

    From sms pick-up reminders to delivery confirmations and email tax receipts, we will keep you informed every step of the way.

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    No need to worry about trading hours, we pick up and
    deliver right to your door.

  • Fully tracked

    Fully tracked

    Individual bag tags, bar codes and garment tags allow
    for full trackability – ensuring no loss of items.


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