** The Shirt Butler became My Butler Service on 1st Jan 2021 **

Welcome to My Butler Service!

Account Setup
You will shortly receive a confirmation email with all your account details.

First Pick-Up Confirmation
Unless you have chosen otherwise your first pick-up is scheduled for your next agreed route day after today.
If you need to cancel your first pick-up or have any other questions please call us on 1300 BUTLER (1300 288 537) or email us at [email protected]

How To Prepare Your First Order
Please sort your garments into separate bags for each of the following service types:
Dry Cleaning, Wash & Iron, Wash & Fold, Ironing Only.
Please write your name, mobile number and required service type on a note inside each bag. (Only required for this first order. We will provide personalised bags for future orders).
Place all bags at your agreed collection location by 7am on the day of your agreed first pick-up.

FREE VIP Bags & Door Hook
During the delivery of your first order we will also deliver a set of re-usable VIP bags and a door hook for your subsequent orders.
There’s a bag for each type of service that we offer:
BLACK – Dry Cleaning
PURPLE – Wash & Iron
BLUE – Wash & Fold
GREEN – Ironing Only
Each bag has the service type printed on it in large bold writing – you can’t miss it!
Each bag also has a name tag attached, printed with your name and individual barcode – meaning we can track your items from start to finish.

Subsequent Orders
After your first order you will receive a pick-up confirmation text each week, the afternoon prior to your scheduled collection day. You can reply Y to confirm a pick-up or N to skip a pick-up for the week. This way you can request a collection only when you need us.

Price List and Terms & Conditions
Please find our full Price List here.
Please find our Terms & Conditions Of Service (T&C’s) here.
Should you not agree with our T&C’s, please contact us prior to your first collection.

Payment Terms
We accept payment by credit card only. We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. We pass on the merchant fees at our cost, without mark up.
We use national Australia Bank to store your credit card details securely on our behalf and your card is debited when your order is ready for delivery.
Please call us on 1300 BUTLER (1300 288 537) prior to your first collection to provide your credit card details if your have not already done so.

If you need to cancel your first pick-up or have any other questions please call us on 1300 BUTLER (1300 288 537) or email us at [email protected]

Welcome Aboard!
The My Butler Service Team