Coat – Jacket – Jacket – Coat.
For many, these terms are interchangeable. And we don’t have a problem with that. But as a dry cleaner of both coats and jackets we do have a hard opinion on the matter.
Which is: Coats are not jackets, and jackets are not coats.
How does that work? It’s a question of length. Jackets are shorter. Think of where styles like a denim jacket, bomber jacket or quilted barn jacket fall. While lengths are different for men and women’s outerwear, they generally hit around or just below the waist.
Now think of a coat. Something like a down coat, a trench coat or a pea-coat. These pieces of outerwear fall lower, anywhere from mid-thigh to even below the knee. This allows them to function as heavier-duty pieces of outerwear.
While many jackets can provide real warmth, some are meant as lighter layering pieces for mid-temperature weather, such as the denim jacket.