We try to re-use or recycle wherever possible.
Here’s how you can help ….

Please return our hangers! 100% of our hangers that you return will be re-used or recycled.
Upon return hangers are sorted to ensure that can be re-used without damaging garments or machinery.
The re-usable hangers are then boxed awaiting re-use within the plant.
All returned hangers unfit for re-use are recycled.
We are happy to collect them from you.
It’s best to just tie the tops together with a rubber band and leave them
next to your bags for collection.
Please do not place them within your VIP bag as they may tear your garments.

Plastic Garment Covers

Unfortunately we still need to use plastic covers to ensure your garments arrive at your door in pristine condition and remain that way until your retrieval.

We continue to try to minimise the amount used by working with the technicians responsible for our automatic assembly machinery.

The plastic covers we use are fully recyclable. They can be dropped off at any REDcycle bin at participating Coles and Woolworth stores nationwide
– or simply place them in your VIP service bag with your next order and our driver will drop them off for you.

REDcycle work with Replas to ensure all the bags you return are upcycled into products such as decking, bollards and outdoor furniture.

You can find out more about the REDcycle program and Replas products by following the links below: