Which bag to use for Business Shirts:

Many customers have always sent their shirts to the Dry Cleaners
and therefore assumed that the shirts were dry cleaned when in fact in almost all cases they would be washed and pressed/ironed.

Dry cleaning a shirt would typically cost between $9 and $14 whereas washing and pressing/ironing a shirt would typically cost between $3 and $5.
Our prices are $12.99 per shirt for dry cleaning and $3.99 for wash and iron. Please use the black VIP bag for dry cleaning and the purple VIP bag for wash & iron. The last thing we want to do is to charge you $12.99 when you thought the price would be $3.99

How to prepare your Order:

Please ensure all garments are inside your VIP bag and that is zipped closed. Open bags can lead to garments falling possibly leading to soiling or ownership identification issues.

When to place your bag at your pick up location: Please remember to place your bag at your pick up location by 7am. Our drivers take a different route each day depending on who requests a collection, so what was a 10am pick up last week could be 7am pick up this time around.

Recycling Hangers:

We like to recycle hangers wherever possible and ask that you just tie the tops together with a rubber band and leave them next to your bags for collection.
Please do not place them within your VIP bag as they may tear your garments.

Recycling Plastic Garment Covers:

Unlike your hangers you can place your plastic covers in your VIP service bag to stop them from blowing away.