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The Shirt Butler Disinfection Services.

To combat COVID-19 we are currently including disinfection with all our services for no additional cost. This post describes our disinfection service in brief. A more detailed webpage will be available soon. For all the items we receive from our customers we now ensure that we perform disinfection using at… Read more

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Recycling Reminder

Hanger & Plastic Garment Covers Please return our hangers! 100% of our hangers that you return will be re-used or recycled. We are happy to collect them from you. Please leave them next to your bags for collection. Please do not place them within your VIP bag as they may… Read more

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Pick Up & Delivery

We regret to inform you that due to increases in our costs of transportation we will be introducing a nominal pick-up/delivery fee from 01/01/2020. We have experienced increased costs throughout 2018 and 2019 but due to challenging economic conditions, decided to delay any fee introduction and look for alternative methods… Read more

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Blue Wash & Fold Bags Now Back In Stock

Sorry if you’ve missed out on a Wash & Fold VIP bag recently, as we’ve been out of stock. Never fear, stock has now arrived. So, if you need one, shout out through any of our support channels (see below) and we’ll get one winging its way to you pronto.

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Website Enhancements

SUPPORT: –We now have three dedicated support pages under the SUPPORT menu on the website. Check out our FAQ page, which is as it sounds; DIY SUPPORT PAGE, where you can learn how to use our app to self-help and our CONTACT SUPPORT page which provides all the different ways… Read more

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Here Comes 2020

We have several exciting developments coming up in 2020. In February we hope to be giving the green light to our planned plant expansion. This entails the installation of lots of additional processing equipment including an additional boiler, washers, dryers, presses, hand iron stations and storage conveyor systems. Leading to… Read more

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Thank You for 2019

A BIG THANK YOU to all our Customers and Suppliers for your support during 2019. It goes without saying that without you we don’t have a business. We strive for excellence but understand that we don’t always get everything right. When we fall short, we endeavor to: Own our mistakes.… Read more

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Reminder of Holiday Trading Hours

Please find our holiday trading hours below: As usual we are closed for 2 weeks during the holiday period. Our office and plant will be closed from 3pm Friday 20th December 2019 until 7am Monday 6th January 2020. Our last delivery day before the break will be Saturday 21st December… Read more

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