Do you want your laundry or dry cleaning picked up from your house, professionally dry cleaned and returned to your door?

Well if you live in Edgecliff, then The Shirt Butler can make this happen!

Simply schedule a pickup via the contact form on this page and our team will collect your garments and return them within 48 hours. Free pickup & delivery, no minimum order and $20 off your first order!

How good is that!

Here’s what’s included:

  • $20 dollars off your first order
  • Free pickup & delivery
  • 48hr turnaround as standard – sooner on request
  • Fully unattended pickup and drop off service
  • Fully tracked from pick up to delivery
  • Quality control check prior to packaging
  • Items returned with a re-usable VIP Butler Bag


It’s a well known fact: washing, folding and ironing your clothes probably isn’t the most enjoyable way to spend your precious free time – especially on the weekends when the sun is shining and you could be at the beach!

The good news:

If you’re located in Edgecliff, The Shirt Butler can provide you with a high quality, professional and affordable laundry and dry cleaning service to take care of all your washing and garment cleaning needs!

Here’s what The Shirt Butler can do for you:

  • Fully tracked from pick up to delivery
  • 48hr turnaround as standard – sooner on request
  • Neatly folded and packed
  • Omo Sensitive produces great results
  • Sorted between light/dark or whites/colours on request
  • Kind to your skin and the environment
  • Clothes are washed/dried separately from other customers’ clothes
  • Washed at correct temperatures to reduce shrinking, fading and bleeding
  • Tumble dried at the correct temperatures for the correct duration to reduce over drying
  • Wash & Fold from $14.95
  • Ironing from $1.15 per item

Almost sounds too good to be true, right?

Sounds fantastic! So how does it Work?


Schedule A Pickup

Fill out the form and schedule your pickup for the next available pickup day.

We Deliver

We Collect

We collect your garments unattended, direct from your chosen location, using our VIP service bags.


We Clean

Our in-house experts clean your garments within 48 hours using sensitive & eco responsible detergents. Each item is quality assured prior to delivery.

We Deliver

We Deliver

Our automated item tracking provides full accountability of all your favourite garments. We text/email you on pickup & delivery.


Edgecliff has recently become one of The Shirt Butler’s hotspots, with heaps of new residents discovering the benefits of a mobile dry cleaning service, and here’s some of the reasons our customers keep coming back:

  • Clean & Fresh

    Clean & Fresh

    Every order is guaranteed to be cleaned to your satisfaction or we will re-clean it free of charge – no exceptions.

  • Detailed Messaging

    Detailed Messaging

    From sms pick-up reminders to delivery confirmations and email tax receipts, we will keep you informed every step of the way.

  • icon-delivery-small


    No need to worry about trading hours, we pick up and
    deliver right to your door – free of charge.

  • Fully tracked

    Fully tracked

    Individual bag tags, bar codes and garment tags allow
    for full track-ability ensuring no loss of items.


How much does The Shirt Butler cost?

Business Shirts


Launder & Press 5 Shirts

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Dry Cleaning

Dry Clean


Two Piece Suit

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Wash & Fold


Per Kg

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Why Choose The Shirt Butler?

Hate washing, folding and ironing your clothes?

Give The Shirt Butler a try today.

With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, no minimum order and $20 off your first order, there’s no reason not to give us a go! If you’re not completely satisfied with the standard of our service, we’ll re-clean it free of charge.

Book your order today.

No Minimum Order

Unlike most of our competitors we have no minimum order value.

Eco and Skin Friendly

Eco and Skin Friendly

We use Omo Sensitive for our laundry and there is no use of perchloroethylene in our dry cleaning plant.

Full Item Tracking

Full Item Tracking

Individual bag tags, bar codes and garment tags allow for full trackability – ensuring no loss of items.

Time saving

Time saving

No more sitting in traffic or trying to find a parking space. Save petrol costs, parking fees and precious time.


Got questions? We have answers! See our answers on this page, or for a more comprehensive range, see our FAQ page.

We currently service Edgecliff and surrounding suburbs in Sydney. We pick up and deliver right to your door – free of charge, and you can easily book online so there’s no need to worry about trading hours.

  • Can I send both dry cleanable and washable clothes for cleaning?

    Yes. With your first order please sort your clothes into separate bags (everyday plastic bags are fine). Place a note in each bag with your name, mobile telephone number, and the type of service required. Once your first order is placed, you will receive a set of reusable  VIP service bags (one for each service) so that you can easily sort your clothes depending on the services required.

  • How is your service different from traditional dry cleaners?

    Most cleaning companies specialise in one thing, either Dry Cleaning or Laundry or Ironing.

    We are a one-stop garment care business providing all the services you need in one place. We perform Dry Cleaning & Individual Garment Care, Business Shirt Service, Wash & Fold, Wash & Iron, Ironing, Alterations and Repairs.

    Where possible (and practical) we use a gentler, more environmentally safe cleaning process that leaves your clothes with a fresh scent. Your clothes will be free of the harsh, chemical smell that other dry cleaning processes leave behind.

    In addition we pick up and deliver for FREE with no minimum order value.

  • Does this service include items other than clothing (i.e. sheets, comforters, towels, etc.)?

    Yes. We will do our best to clean any items that you need help cleaning and caring for. If for some reason we are unable to clean it, we will separate that garment and return to you with a note at no charge.

  • What services do you offer?

    The Shirt Butler currently provides the following services:
    • Business Shirt Service
    • Dry Cleaning
    • Wash & Fold
    • Wash & Iron
    • Ironing

  • What is Wash & Fold?

    Wash & Fold is the clothing that you would normally wash yourself in a washer & dryer. Generally, clothing marked as safe for the washer and dryer can be sent through as Wash & Fold. A fuller description of our Wash & Fold service can be found here.

    For items that require a higher level of attention (i.e. stain removal, delicate items, individual care, air/hang dry, hand wash, cold wash, alterations, repairs etc.) please choose our Dry Cleaning & Garment Care service where each item is individually treated.

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